For a stronger general muscle tonus and a good posture


Regain suppleness while having fun stretching as when you were a child


A unique form of dynamic and energizing cardiodance

What to choose?

Healthy fitness can be obtained in many ways: muscles building exercises, stretching, aerobic, or a combination of those. What’s important is to choose the course that fits you and motivates you. Rest assured that any classes you choose; you will benefit a personalized approach even if classes are in groups. With me, you will be working hard but always within your personal physical limits.

Who Am I?

Sophie Chicoine has been offering fitness classes for close to twenty years now. Formerly a professional dancer and classical ballet instructor, she decided to develop her own technique when she could not find a fitness class that suited her. Combining her various physical fitness trainings with her dance experience, Sophie created three popular programs: Flex-Fitness, StretchXtra and Dynamo.